Malian Cotton.

Although the borders which define the country of Mali are relatively new, the cultures that make up Malian society are very ancient, and Mali has its own singular cosmology which gives an explanation of the universe and everything in it. ... read more

Indigo Dyeing.

The colour blue is one of the rarest colours in nature. For thousands of years, it was also one of the most difficult colours to recreate. Cloth dyed with blue pigment was rare and valuable, and the people that dyed it were considered magic. ... read more

Mud Dyeing.

Mineral mud-dye is known as bogolanfini in Mali, and is a very ancient dyeing method which encompasses a lot of Mali's traditional symbolism.  The process itself is relatively simple; cloth is soaked in a mordanting solution made from boiling the tannin-rich leaves of local plants. ... read more